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Can I book the same rates directly with the hotel if I mention Hotelinstyle?

The only place you can get the hotelinstyle rate is on While mentioning our name may sound cool, it won't score you the deals you see here. Our partners offer these rates exclusively on, so be sure to book with us during our sales.

What taxes and fees are included in each purchase?

We do our best to include all the mandatory taxes and fees charged by each property in the final price for each Hotelinstyle sale. However, if there are any fees that are not included, we will be sure to note these before your purchase

What are the advantages of booking through Hotelinstyle?

Hotelinstyle provides the very best booking experience for Luxury & Stylish Hotels – from the inspiring photo gallery and elegant website, truly reflecting the natural beauty and character of our hotels, to the simple four-click booking process that enables customers to book their perfect hotel quickly and easily. Furthermore, our mobile apps ensure customers have all the information they need even when they are on-the-move.

Our carefully selected Luxury & Stylish Hotels are in the very best destinations around the world and every hotel has something original and unique about it, ensuring each stay is truly memorable.

It goes without saying that customers can rely on us to guarantee the best rates at all of our hotels. In addition, we ensure our members benefit from exclusive prices, advantages and special treatment. There are no hidden extras in the price and the booking process is smooth and hassle-free. Unlike some hotel websites, Hotelinstyle has immediate and up-to-date information on rates and availability, so your booking is confirmed instantly online.

Our dedicated Customer Service team is here to help 365 days a year, offering expert knowledge and support to customers – before, during and after every stay.

How are the hotels selected?

A Hotelinstyle hotel must have charm and character - something distinctive that makes it special – as well as offering guests genuine luxury, an unquestionable quality service, and a unique and memorable stay.

Hotelinstyle hotels are only in the best destinations around the world, located close to main attractions or in a stunning setting.

In addition, the hotel must offer the best rates and exclusive benefits for Hotelinstyle customers, plus optimum availability at all times.

What does the 'Recommended by Hotelinstyle' label mean?

Recommendations are based on a combination of customer ratings, loyalty and prices.

Making special requests

When you're making a reservation, there will be a box where you can note any particular requests. Though we pass these along to the property, there is no guarantee that your request will be met.

Do I need to bring anything with me in order to check in?

We suggest bringing a copy of your hotel supplier confirmation number, as this number links your hotelinstyle reservation with the reservation the hotel has processed in its system. This will help eliminate any potential check-in issues

Do I need to have the same credit card with me at check-in that I used to make my hotelinstyle reservation?

No. The hotel will require a valid photo ID and any valid credit card in order to check in, not necessarily the one used for purchase on

What should I do if the hotel has problems locating my reservation?

If the hotel is unable to locate your reservation and supplier confirmation number for any reason, please call support at 01 500 5586 and we will resolve any miscommunication.

Who can I rave to about my amazing Hotelinstyle experience?

The Member Services team loves to hear all about your Hotelinstyle experiences. Please email or call us at 01 500 5586

Does the room rate include breakfast?

It depends on the hotel and dates. If breakfast is included, you will clearly see this stated next to the room type and the number of people it can accommodate. If breakfast is not mentioned, please refer to the ‘Additional Rates’ section.

Is the credit card payment system secure?

Our website is protected by a security system and is secure. Hoteinstyle.comhas adopted SSL encoding protocols and the system has been reinforced by scrambling and encoding procedures to protect all transactions related to modes of payment as effectively as possible.

How will the transaction be displayed on my credit card statement?

The transaction will be shown as Clubtravel

How will the refund be made?

The deposit will be refunded to the credit card used to make the booking

What are the fees for go-show/no-show?

If, for any reason, you have to leave the hotel before your check-out date or you do not show-up, the hotel may apply some cancellation penalties. These fees are stated in 'Cancellation policy and fees' at the bottom of your confirmation or at the bottom of the hotel page.

How are cancellation fees calculated?

Each hotel sets their cancellation policy.

Does the room rate include VAT?

Yes, the room rates on our website always include VAT, ensuring there are no hidden extras in the price. Please note, some countries apply local taxes that might be not included in the total price. These are included in the 'Taxes' section.


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